000 Works


BOOK_000 - https://files.cargocollective.com/180514/000_BOOK_000.pdf

2022 - 2024 | A generative art exploration with DALL-E 2 inspired by ZERO in 2022 - selection of  AI-pieces bundled and printed in 2024


THREE MACHINES - https://teia.art/zero0null/collabs

2022 | A collaboration with audio artist Modular Minds. Pure sound and motion; part human, part machine. Each MACHINE with it's own particular vibe, doing it's own particular thing. - 3 never-ending animation loops with audio


SQUARE 000 -  https://deca.art/zero0null/000-zero0null

2021 - 2023 | Shadows, lights, black and white. Textures, patterns, rhythm and time. Movement and stillness; with ZERO in mind - series of 500+ digital artworks 'handmade' with Adobe Creative Suite application - digital graphics, photography, video and animation, produced as NFTs and  in limited silkscreen print editions


16:9 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyPA_310few&list=PL0nGwvykL2MiKfTbQD7YHnbZxsUZtbTzA

2021 - A series of super famous movie scenes in super low definition - 3 videos, running time 00:02:53, 00:02:00, 00:03:45


SPEED OF LIGHT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q4XZI0dYXw&list=PL0nGwvykL2MjxY4XAFpO2MAatLJvnvBBW

2021 - Not raging with a staggering 299,792,458 metres per second, but crawling ultra slowly across the absorbing and reflecting surface; the movement of the shadows: the speed of light as we observe it in real time - 4 videos, running times 00:24:27, 01:28:35, 00:17:27, 00:59:57


CLOCK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aGxbwNRyd0

2021 | 24 hours in 1 hour - animation, running time 01:00:00


000 NFT COLLECTION - https://oncyber.io/000lobby

2021 - now | 1000+ NFT artworks collected by 000 through the years on display in over 30 metaverse NFT galleries and 1 NFT museum.



About 000


In 1985, when I was 16, I visited a museum for the first time in my life: the Kröller-Müller on the Hoge Veluwe. I remember being baffled that putting footsteps, as Stanley Brouwn did in the museum's sculpture garden, could be Art. - Get real!


A few years later, in 1987, the Tilburg based band MAM released their song 'Jan Schoonhoven'.


In retrospect, these 2 events are the ground for my fascination with abstract and minimalist art. And with ZERO in particular.


My interests in styles and movements have since then fanned out in all directions. But everytime this fascination with ZERO  kept returning. I immersed myself further in Jan Schoonhoven. I delved into his life and times. Into his ideas and into his art. A fascinating voyage of discovery that taught me the beliefs and views of Jan Schoonhoven.


During my 35-years professional career as a graphic designer at advertising agencies, I dove deep several times into subjects completely unrelated to advertising: multimedia, hip-hop culture, Maya imagery, family history, NFTs, Metaverse. To feed my curiosity. To spark new ideas for new creative projects. A broad view of the world keeps the outlook fresh. 


In 2020, after my father passed away  in the midst of the Corona Toestand, I looked for something new I could dive into. At this point in my life several things came together that gave more meaning to the symbolic values of 0. I decided to do  more indepth research to Jan Schoonhoven and ZERO, and combine it with my hands-on digital creative skills. Researching by creating, learning by doing.


Inspired by contemporary digital artists as well as historical abstract pioneers, I started my project 000. An artistic journey of discovery through minimalism, in a world full of maximalism. In search for essence. For 0.

Jean-Pierre Kin, Amsterdam 2024